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Your way, every day

People are at the heart of Bracebridge Care. Our teams will support you to make every day the best it can be for you.  Who you are and who you want to be is our priority.


In Hawaii, ‘Ohana’ means family. This word sums up what we believe: that your world should be shared with people you can live with, laugh with, and love.

We do more than build care homes, we create communities. Bringing together professional, compassionate teams and smart technology to make every day joyful for the people who share our lives.

We want everyone to feel proud to be part of Bracebridge Care.

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Why Bracebridge Care?
Whatever makes your day, we’ll help you make it happen.

We’ll create a plan of care and support with you and anyone else you’d like to be involved. We promise to listen and to act upon your wishes.

Actively supporting you to enjoy a healthier, fulfilling lifestyle

Helping you live the life you want is what drives us at Bracebridge Care. Whatever support you need along the way, we’ll do all we can to make it happen.

Choose who you’d like to be involved in your care.

It’s important the people you love are as happy with your care as you are. We treat everyone as equal partners, offering support groups and valuing opinions.

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Care at Bracebridge

You tell us what you need, want and aspire to be, then we help you make it happen.

Our care approach is one of collaborative creation and getting to know each other is the first step. You tell us what makes you happy and, together with the people who know you best, we’ll create a plan of care and support. This makes sure all your physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs are met in the ways you want.

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Life at Bracebridge

‘Ohana’ means extended family in Hawaiian. We use the word to sum up how it feels to live and work here.

Whichever Bracebridge home you choose you’ll feel the warmest sense of belonging. And to make sure your life with us is as happy and fulfilling as possible, you’ll create your own plan of care and support with your carers and the people who love you.

Your day-to-day life here is supported by the general standards and aspirations we have in all our homes. We place great importance on inclusivity, meaning everyone is welcome to live and work here.

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