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Bracebridge Life

What is it like to live here?

At Bracebridge Care we create a welcoming, safe environment where you’re among people you love and trust. Our philosophy derives from the word ‘Ohana’ meaning extended family. It is a fitting sentiment for every touchpoint of our homes.


Amenities for all

All our Bracebridge Care homes have been designed with you and your requirements in mind.  We have created spaces for you to enjoy time with your friends, family and loved ones.

Our homes are designed to be ‘home from home’. We have created beautiful café spaces where you can meet your family and visitors. Our gardens are tastefully designed to offer a peaceful and sensory experience.

Children will love to come to the home because they are always welcomed and they may also love our delicious homemade cakes & biscuits too!


Variety of activities

The activities we offer depend entirely on what the people who live in the home want to do.

Wine tasting, cocktail evenings, afternoon shopping and ladies and men’s nights out are perennial favourites. You’ll also find a ‘Magic Table’, cleverly designed to help people create amazing art, play games and enjoy themselves regardless of physical abilities. Our Wii games are a popular choice as they allow everyone, whether they use a wheelchair or can run a marathon, to compete on a level playing field.

Our care homes

Our homes are designed to the highest specification and fit seamlessly within the local community.

We work closely with each area’s local commissioning team to offer a wide range of care and support. We provide this in living spaces where you can enjoy as much independence as possible, helped by the latest in assisted-living technology. Our digital systems enable our teams to help you live the best life you can.

Careful attention to interior design helps you move easily through each building, with excellent wayfinding, interesting spaces to enjoy, and a tasteful, homely feel. As well as being aesthetically  pleasing it also creates a strong sense of belonging. If you live with Dementia or a disability you can confidently make your way through our homes, within an environment designed to be stimulating and safe at all times.

Key features of our homes

  • Sympathetically designed with the local community in mind
  • Thoughtfully laid out so you can move through the space with ease
  • Support for any particular needs you might have, such as dementia, macular degeneration or hearing loss
  • Relaxing and safe outside spaces to walk, sit and work
  • A garden to plant what you’d like
  • A kitchen to show off your cooking and baking skills
  • A shelter for you to gather, fix and mend – or simply chat
  • A beautiful sensory garden for extra wellbeing
  • Chicken coops in the gardens where you can collect freshly laid eggs
  • A resident pet to pamper
  • You can ask us about assessing your own pet too

Your Plan of Care and Support

We don’t use the words ‘Care Plans’. We prefer ‘Plan of Care and Support’, as this more accurately describes what you and your carers put in place.

The plan covers all your needs; when you want to be supported; how you would like to be supported and when; your hopes and dreams.

Using the latest technology all this information can be accessed on your smart phone or tablet. This way you can always see what’s included in your plan and help manage it to reflect your wishes. To keep everything and everyone up to speed, we promise to review this with you and your loved ones every month. Of course, if something changes during the month we’ll update your plan accordingly.

Our specialist care

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4-star food and nutrition

Our brilliant chefs design their healthy, balanced menus alongside the people who live in the home.

The results are not only delicious, but they reflect everyone’s differing tastes as well as their health and cultural needs. The fresh ingredients are from ‘field to fork’ suppliers so we know exactly where everything was grown or raised. The team has a lot on its plate, needing to be aware of changes to the older palette such as taste bud deterioration and fortification requirements, as well as having a full understanding of dysphagia and IDDSI guidelines.


Pets in the home

It’s well proven that having a pet about the place is great for your wellbeing.

That’s why each Bracebridge home has one of its own, decided by the people who live there. It could be a small hypoallergenic dog or a cat to sit on your lap or even a parrot to exchange pleasantries with. Whatever the people living in the home decide, that’s what they’ll have.

If you would like to have your own pet with you, we will assess its needs to see if it can be accommodated and cared for in the home. We can’t promise anything as this is done on a case by case, home by home basis.



Team members join us from surrounding communities, and we make sure that the people working in our homes are as diverse as the areas in which we build.

We work with Stonewall, a Human Rights organisation, as part of their Diversity Champions Programme. This is helping us to create care homes where every single person who lives and works with us is heard, valued, and treated with respect, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or anything else. It means everyone feels wholly accepted, safe and wanted in our homes.

We use the very best technology to keep you safe, supported and happy. It is an integral part of our homes and is there to enable you and us.

Technology to make life easier

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