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Specialist Care

You’ll be well suited to our homes if you need specialist care. With us, your care will be provided by trained team members supported by an NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council) registered nurse.

Whatever type of care you’re looking for, whether it’s residential dementia care, nursing care (with hospital avoidance at its heart) or nursing dementia care, you’ll find we have the skills and expertise to make each of your days as fulfilling and joyful as possible. We can also work with local teams to give you additional support for other types of care you might need.


Nursing care

This is where your primary needs, which are most likely to be physical, require a trained nurse. You may have been assessed by your GP or in hospital as needing Nursing Care. If this is the case, we can support you every step of the way with caring, attentive nurses.


Nursing dementia care

You’ll be looking for this type of care because your primary need is support for dementia. Perhaps you also have physical needs that you’d like a trained nurse to help you with. We have the right people to support you with both physical and dementia care.


Residential Dementia Care

This is where your care needs do not need to be supervised by a nurse, but where you live with Dementia and require support.

Everyone’s dementia journey is different

We offer a choice of services to help guide and support you and your loved ones through the highly individual dementia journey.

During this journey we always treat you as a human being with human emotions. When you express anger, frustration and disruption we don’t judge or react. Instead, our teams are trained to respond with love, kindness and support.

Our philosophy of care is supported with smart technology and a dementia friendly environment, so we can enable you to have the best possible day, every day.

Our specialist Dementia Care is based on Professor Tom Kitwood’s philosophy of ‘Personhood in Dementia’. This stresses the importance of:

Inclusion, Comfort, Identity, Occupation, Attachment and most important of all, Love.


Short stays

Sometimes a change of scene can make all the difference.

A short-term stay with us could be ideal if you’d like a little break and to be looked after by our wonderful team. Sometimes people come to us after they’ve been in hospital, to put some weight back on perhaps or regain confidence so they can go back to living independently again. Some people have a holiday with us while their family have a little break of their own. While you’re here, you’ll meet new friends, share in our day-to-day activities and eat exceptionally well.


Stay for a day and come back for more

You might be thinking about a move to one of our care homes but would like to see if it is right for you.

Or, as a carer, you may need a short break in the week, in which case one of our Experiential Days could be just the thing. This is a great way for you and your loved ones to experience life as part of the Bracebridge family for the day. Meet the lovely people, see what’s on the menu, and maybe even have some personal care needs supported too. Each of our homes has availability on a first come first served basis – so why not choose a preferred day and give us a call?

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