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Technology in our homes

We use the very best technology to keep you safe, supported and happy. It is an integral part of our homes and is there to enable you and us.

Technology has transformed the way care homes operate, improving the quality of care for people living in our homes and making the work of care teams more efficient. One of the most significant technological advancements in care homes is the use of electronic health records, which allow caregivers to track resident health data and medical information more accurately and efficiently.

Other technology advancements include the use of sensors and monitoring devices, such as wearable devices or bed sensors, which can alert caregivers to changes in resident activity or health. Smart home technology is also being used in care homes, allowing residents to control their environment through voice-activated devices or remote controls.

Telemedicine has also become a vital technology in care homes, allowing residents to receive medical consultations and check-ups remotely. This technology is especially useful for people who may have difficulty traveling to medical appointments.

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